Kayaking with my daughter in our backyard. I love this view!

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged here. Life seems to get in the way of it sometimes.

But just because I haven’t been here, doesn’t mean I’ve been hiding under a rock. In fact, I’ve been quite busy in real life. We decided to sell our house in California in July. That took all of 48 hours. I’m still amazed. We bought a house in North Idaho in August and moved into it in September. I’m still blown away with how perfectly the timing worked out for everything with school, home sale/purchase and all the other little details that make moving so much fun!

It didn’t leave a lot of time for writing or blogging. But that’s about to change. I can only go so long without writing. It’s in my blood. I took some time during NaNo to work on a secret project and I’m so glad I pushed through. It was a lot of fun and got the creative juices flowing again. Sometimes writing something completely different does that for me. Plus it’s just fun to experiment with different styles and genres.

With the new year, I’ve made a new commitment to writing, specifically, finishing the stories I’ve been working on. What are you hoping to accomplish this year??