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Speaking in front of people terrifies me. So last week when I had a fifteen minute slot to fill as a speaker at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival, I called a friend and told her she needed to share the time with me.

The funny thing is, ask me to sing the National Anthem in front of a crowd of thousands and I’m cool with that. Seriously. I’ve done it on more than one occasion. And while it does make my heart race, it’s not the same as the paralyzing fear of speaking. There are lyrics. I know what’s expected of me.

Singing I can do. Talking, not so much. This is why I’m a writer! I can make myself sound so much better in print!

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Fortunately, the crowd at the book festival was small. Because I kinda sucked. I read from my book, I didn’t look up. Yeah. Suckage.

But in a few short weeks, I get to do it again, at a different book festival. And this time, it won’t suck. I have a plan (yes!) and I’m practicing. So if you live in the Sacramento area, come join me at the California Capital Book Festival. I need friendly faces in the audience. And I promise not to suck 🙂