On Saturday, I had the pleasure of leading a writing workshop with three of my critique partners. We’ve been writing and editing together for a while. And while we all write a variety of styles and genres, we intersect at middle grade.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure when I conceived the workshop if anyone would come. It seemed like a good idea. I know when I was starting out as a writer, I was starved for information. I looked for anything that involved writing. So I was hopeful that our workshop would find an audience.

Our youngest participants, two eighth graders who are already fantastic writers.

It did.

We had more than two dozen people crowd into the courtroom space by the Solvang Library, eager to hear what we had to say about the craft and business of writing middle grade. Best of all? We had a blast! Being able to do the workshop with my friends, people I was completely comfortable with, made the whole experience even better. Of course we were all a bit nervous in the beginning, but we also knew that we had each other’s back. No one would go down in flames because three other people were there to pick up the slack.

At the end of the afternoon, the people attending the workshop gave us a standing ovation. Which just about made me cry. It was a great experience for all who attended.

And before I forget, I’ve got a winner to announce from the Evil Librarian giveaway. Here it is — congratulations Danielle!

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