One of the downsides to reading as much as I do: it’s really hard to impress me. I used to feel obligated to finish a book once I started it. Not anymore. There are too many other books worthy of my attention to force myself to finish reading something that doesn’t capture me.

THE FALSE PRINCE captured me from page one. Honestly, this book is freaking brilliant.

Sage is one of the best characters ever. Fighting everyone and everything, for reasons that aren’t always clear at first to the reader, Sage is complex and funny and wonderfully developed. Whether brave or stupid, watching him grow into a role that he SO doesn’t want was an absolute thrill of a ride. I literally did not want to put this book down until I got to the last page.

While technically I didn’t care for the info dump in Chapters 42-43, at that point it didn’t matter. I was in love with the characters, in love with the book and eagerly anticipating the climactic scenes ahead. As soon as I finished reading (okay, I went back and reread some of the juicy parts!) I handed this one to my 12yo and told him he had to read it. He devoured it and wanted more.

And therein lies the downside: it’s the first in a trilogy. We have to wait another year to read the next one.

This will definitely be a read-aloud on this summer’s road trip. It’s one of those books that has enough depth to intrigue adults, will appeal to male or female and doesn’t have objectionable material for younger readers. Yeah, it’s the perfect book.

Wish I had written it myself πŸ™‚