How Babies are Made . . . According to an 8-year-old

My husband gave our son “The Talk” before he started fifth grade. He was asking some pretty pointed questions by then and we wanted him to know the truth before he heard too many distorted playground versions.

I know that the younger kids tend to learn things sooner than older children but so far, at least in this regard, it hasn’t happened yet with my daughter. At least I didn’t think so until we had this conversation…

Last week my husband was out of town for work. I took the kids to a restaurant on Thursday after my son’s fencing class. The three of us noticed an adorable baby across the aisle who was quite taken with my children.

After smiling and making faces at the baby, my daughter turned to me and asked, “Why doesn’t Daddy spit in your mouth?”

“Um, because that would be gross?”

“No, Mommy. He needs to spit in your mouth so you can have another baby.”

I literally choked on my water. And then laughed until I couldn’t breathe. And then texted my husband and laughed some more.

Seriously, what are they learning on the playground?!