My Favorite Book

It may seem kind of strange, but I rarely open my favorite book in my collection. I haven’t read it cover to cover. Honestly, I only pull it out on occasion to read some of my favorite parts.


Because it’s really, really old. As in printed-before-the-last-century old.
My 1882 Excelsior Edition of Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Kind of silly, I know. But I love that the cover is embossed leather with gold leaf. I love the musty smell that comes off the yellowed pages. I love that inside there’s an ad for additional collections, all priced at $1. I love that I paid $2 when I bought it from an antique store years ago. To me, its worth so much more.

I recently pulled it down to reread The Tinderbox, a favorite of mine as a child. I remember being fascinated with the story because while many fairy tales seemed to have a moral, this one was kind of immoral. The main character killed people who got in his way, never paid for his crimes and got to marry the princess in the end.

Hmmm…. No wonder Disney hasn’t popularized this one….

What’s your favorite book in your collection? Why?