I’ve written before about the dangers of having high expectations for movies based on some of my favorite books, but here I am again eagerly anticipating two upcoming releases.

VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER was always my favorite book in the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA series. As a middle schooler and teenager I read it multiple times and when I read the series to my kids, it was still my favorite of the seven. The Narnia movie that came out in 2005 was probably my favorite adaptation of a book EVER. Even though they changed the story a bit, the changes worked and (dare I say it?) even improved on Lewis’ original.

So, yeah, my expectations for DAWN TREADER may have hit an all time high. I keep trying to reign myself in, certain that I’ve set myself up for disappointment. But I have to say, the trailer has me excited. See for yourself.

And then there’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I. My son has convinced me that we must go to the midnight showing. I’ve never gone to a midnight movie, not even for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yet here I am, ready to sacrifice sleep (and prime NaNo writing time) to go see the movie, knowing that the comfy seats and late hour mean I’ll probably be asleep before Harry ever pitches his tent.

Speaking of the boy wizard, Melissa wrote a BRILLIANT post on the Mythical Creatures in Harry Potter. They might might not be as mythical as you think. If you’re a Rowling fan, you must read this.

Four more books I loved that are being made into movies: Shiver, The Hunger Games, The Dark Divine and The Great Gatsby. Yes, another adaptation of The Great Gatsby, this time starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy. The strange part — Baz Luhrmann will direct. Yeah. Remember what he did with Romeo + Juliet? Much as I love Gatsby, that’s one adaptation I’ll probably save for Netflix.

Word count for WiP = 14,020