The Ever Growing TBR Pile

Things may have gotten a little out of control here.

The lamp doesn’t fit anymore and I end up knocking piles over when I try to answer the phone. But no matter how fast I read, the stacks don’t get any smaller. I’ve read 77 books so far this year and at least another 50 are threatening to fall on top of me and suffocate me in my sleep because I haven’t been able to move them off my nightstand. Of course, you understand, they can’t leave the nightstand until they’ve been read.

Some are borrowed, some I won from blogs, some are ARCs from the Book Loft. A few might have to do with my own lack of self-control in the book store. Truly, I swear the books are making whoopie or reproducing on their own. That’s the only explanation. They’re like those plants that self-pollinate. (Maybe if I’d paid more attention in biology I’d be able to defend this theory.)

The good news is, once I get through some of these stacks, I’m going to need to clear space for the new books that inexplicably appear. That means I’ll be hosting some primo giveaways very soon. Once I finish reading them.

What does your TBR pile look like?