Midnight Madness

It’s midnight and I’m still awake, rewriting the opening chapters of a book I thought was done. Now I see that I was wrong and I’m excited with where it’s going.

I don’t know why, but I seem to write better when everyone else is at home asleep. No distractions from email, the phone or hungry family members. I’ve had all day to mull over the possibilities. The words flow better for me at night. I’ll might regret it tomorrow when I see the bags under my eyes and I can’t keep up with the kids. But it’s been a good writing night. When I finish this post, I think I’ll write a little more.

As it happens, the cutoff for entering the drawing for a Barrie Summy book was at midnight so I went ahead and did the drawing, right on time. Each person was assigned a number and the generator at random.org chose two winners for me:

Lydia Kang won I So Don’t Do Mysteries

and woo-hoo, my critique partner and good friend

Lori Walker won I So Don’t Do Makeup.

Congratulations ladies! I’ll get these books out to you both right away.