My daughter asked if I believe in faeries. Because she’s pretty sure she is one. She just hasn’t figured out the flying part yet.

“Of course I believe in faeries,” I said. “Obviously if you’re a faerie, then I am too.”

She stared at me solemnly, trying to figure out what magic could possibly lay beneath my motherly exterior.

We were in the Book Loft, browsing through “A Practical Guide to Faeries,” a book that now accompanies her to bed each night as she memorizes the words. I read a passage out loud to her in the store.

“Faerie-touched humans often have huge appetites…sometimes craving…charred toast, raw sugar or a stick of butter.”

We both turned to stare at her brother who sat on the floor reading Anthony Horowitz. Her brother who consumes startling amounts of food, who eats pats of butter without bread, who begs for the bowl when I cream butter and sugar together for cookies. He felt our curious gazes and looked up uneasily.


We giggled and ran to the counter to purchase the book.

Sometimes we faeries are mysterious that way!


Today is the 8th Day of Christmas. Are you done with your shopping? You’ve only got one week left!

Thank you so much for all the fabulous quotes on Wednesday. I was so inspired I would love to give every single one of you a prize, but I can’t. So, without further rambling, the randomly selected winner is:

Congratulations Anna! Email me at solvangsherrie at gmail dot com and let me know which book you want.

For the remaining days of Christmas, we’re going to do a grab bag from some of the prizes that have not been selected yet. So today, Choice #1 is The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale and Choice #2 is Undercover by Beth Kephart.

In the comments, tell me the title of a book you bought for someone this year and why you chose that book for them. I’m always looking for good recommendations, especially if they involve faeries πŸ™‚