$14 Down the Drain

I don’t have a problem with spending $14 on books. I do it all the time. But when it’s at the library? For fines? That just makes me want to cry…

I’ve been on a reading rampage this year. Since January I’ve read 51 books (they’re listed on the left if you scroll down far enough). I probably own half of the books on the list, and the rest have come from the library.

The thing is, somewhere around mid July, my life got more crazy. I didn’t have as much time to read, but I had these stacks from the library. I renewed them thinking I would get to them. But then we went on vacation, I went to SCBWI, and, well, a notice came in the mail yesterday.

There’s one more little detail I forgot to mention…I don’t have my own library card. Yeah, I know it’s pretty weird. I really should get my own. But what I usually do is check out all my books on my son’s card.

So, not only does my 9-year-old son have titles like “The King’s Rose” on his library record, he also has a whopping $14 in fines. Well, had. We of course hopped in the car and hightailed it down to the library where we hung our heads in shame, paid the bill (*sob*), renewed the books we’re still reading and…checked out more stuff!

On his card. I still didn’t get my own. I promise I will. Someday.

In the meantime, I’m trying not to think about what I could have spent that money on…a nice lunch, Catching Fire, three ice blended vanillas. Sigh. Maybe I can just think of it as my contribution to the budget shortfall. Um, not so much.

What costly mistakes have you made that you wish you could change?