The Office

My son set up an office for himself last year. He emptied the shelves and restocked them with his favorite books. My husband found an old OFFICE sign which we lovingly stuck on the door. Drew spends hours in there with the door shut, reading and rereading, sometimes even writing and doing homework.

Unfortunately, his choice of office space conflicts with my daughter’s bladder. And bathing.

Why he enjoys reading and writing in the bathroom is beyond my comprehension. But whenever he disappears for 30 minutes, an hour, or more, the first place we look is Drew’s office. My husband joked that for Christmas we should have bought him a padded toilet seat.

I’ve always preferred window seats, sofas, beds and armchairs for curling up with a good book. But that’s just me. Drew says he likes the bathroom because he can shut the door and no one disturbs him. Personally, that’s never worked for me. My children have no qualms about following me into the bathroom and asking for a snack, like I’ve got a stocked mini fridge by the toilet!

I’m glad he enjoys reading so much. I just wonder have to wonder, why there? Anybody else like reading in the bathroom?