Reading for the Masses

Thursday is my daughter’s favorite day of the week. It’s the day that she gets to share with other children in a very grown up way.

Jasmine just turned six last month, but like her big brother, she’s an avid reader. When she started first grade in September, the kindergarten teacher asked her to come in after lunch on Thursday’s to read to the class. Every week Jasmine picks out a book and practices reading it upside down so the other children can see the pictures while she reads.

She takes such pride in doing this. And the kindergarteners look up to her since she’s a year ahead of them. They listen so attentively, laugh at the right parts, and sometimes ask her questions afterward. I cry almost every time I watch.

I love that I’m growing readers, that they enjoy books as much as I do and that they’re happy to share this love with others around them.